Instrument Models:  [photos of some models available on Gallery page]

Concert pitch

Narrow Bore D


C two models are available :

B three models are available:

B flat:

Other models may become available in the future.

I can closely copy the decorative work on the originals of any of these sets, on request.  Otherwise, the decoration on the sets is chosen based on a combination of materials and budget, usually in a style inspired by that of the original maker.

Except as noted, 'based on' indicates that with minor exceptions the internal dimensions and bores of my instruments are 'faithful copies' of original models by the named makers, to the limits of my measurements and tooling capabilities at the time of manufacture.  Please note however that unless you have specifically requested a 'reproduction' of a specific historic set, some modifications from the original design, or mix-and-match of dimensions from more than one original instrument, may be made in the effort to provide an instrument with the best performance.  A description of any such conscious and substantial departures from the original measurements will be provided to the customer upon request.

I enjoy doing responsible, conservative restoration work and reproduction of historic instruments, please enquire.