Professional instruments handcrafted with careful reference to the work of the pipemaking masters of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries.

COMING NOVEMBER 2023: Major site update including gallery updates, video links, and audio links to recent instruments.

I hope to have ample information posted here to help guide your instrument selection, give you some background about me, and for my existing customers, resources to help you keep your set humming along.

In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact me for more information via email at bill at billhaneman dot ie, or via post to:

Bill Haneman Union and Uilleann Pipes Cuan na bPíobairí Balbriggan Road Skerries, County Dublin, IRELAND


December 26, 2011: We've Moved! After a disrupted 18 months, from July 2010 until this fall, the workshop is relocated and fully operational at our new address. After a few weeks helping out with the PipeCraft project, I'm starting to catch up on delayed work at last. I remain very grateful for the forbearance shown by my customers during a difficult time last year due to family illness and bereavement.

I've added two sets to the gallery section - a four regulator, four drone set in C#, and a full set in concert pitch. Coming soon... more soundfiles and photos of selected sets from the past year.

December 19, 2009: I've posted a new soundfile of an original narrow-bore D Taylor set played by many different people. It's quite long, nearly 20 minutes/16 MB, so beware...

December 18, 2009: Seán Reid Society Journal Volume III. The Seán Reid Society Journal Volume III, a special edition dedicated to piper and pipemaker R. L. O'Mealy, is now online. This third volume of the Journal includes over 25 articles and over 2000 photos and other items including audio interviews, video clips, and O'Mealy sound files. A brief news article is posted on the Society website.

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December 12, 2009: For general interest, I've posted a soundfile of an original narrow-bore D Taylor set and also a soundfile of the drones alone (well, there's one loud blast of the regs at the end). Excuse the regulator playing in An Bonnan Bui, the operator (yours truly) is still a student driver where regs are concerned...

October 13, 2009: I've added a soundfiles of a Bflat Coyne-based design, of a chanter plus two drones, to the soundfiles page. Look for photos of the same set to follow soon, on the gallery page.

June 30, 2009: Seán Reid Society news:

  • Now Available in print form, Volumes I and II of the Seán Reid Society Journal, from the NPU shop. (look in the 'Print' section under 'Pipemaking'. Price 35 euro each.
  • The Seán Reid Society website is now online. From the website you can read and download Volumes I, and II free of charge. Volume III is coming soon.

June 16, 2009: Not piping, but fascinating reading... I reproduce The Memoirs of Arthur O'Neill, from the rare volume Annals of the Irish Harpers. O'Neill was one of the last surviving traditional harpers and attended all of the Granard Harp Festivals organized by Bunting; he supplied Bunting with many tunes and recalls anecdotes about many 17th and 18th century harpers, many of whom he knew personally. Recommended!

May 22, 2009: Donal Glackin made a visit to the house and workshop late last year to take some photos. He has kindly invited me to post the resulting photo-essay on my website. I have chosen to post it un-edited, letting his eye and selection tell the story (if indeed there is one!). You see it as he found it, and he found it 'as it was'.

ALSO: I have posted PDF versions of four presentations which I gave as part of the pipemaking lecture/discussion/instruction series at the 2008 Willie Clancy Summer School (see my Making section). I am delighted and honored to join David M Quinn in presenting the 2009 pipemaking lecture 'course' at WCSS, which will include all new content.

April 27, 2009: Terms and Conditions updated to reflect the revised deposit policy for future orders.

April 19, 2009: At last, an update! I've added a soundfile of a narrow-bore-D chanter design that finally meets with my full approval, and images plus soundfiles of an ebony 3/4 set in B modelled after the "O'Hannigan" in the National Museum of Ireland.

Aug 21, 2008: Due to continuing high demand in excess of what I can deliver, I regret to inform potential customers that I am closing my books to new accounts for the time being. I will consider exceptions for restoration work and will consider extenuating circumstances. I will also keep contact information for interested persons on file, with a view to the time when I feel able to take on new orders. Many thanks to my many customers to date, for your support and patience.

July 30, 2008: Soundfile of a pristine narrow-bore d set attributed to the Taylor Brothers of Philadelphia has been added to the Soundfiles area, for historic interest.

Also added: my short "About your Chanter" fact sheet on maintenance and reeds has been uploaded and added to the menu under the title Maintenance.

Jan 5: 2008: With the addition of Chapters XXVI through XXXIII, I have finally completed uploading an HTML version of O'Neill's classic work, Irish Minstrels and Musicians (with the exception of the original index). It is now available for reading in its entirety in the history and lore section.

  • New chapters added to O'Neill's Irish Folk Music, A Fascinating Hobby (We now include Chapters I through VII). Thanks to Nick Whitmer and Patrick Cole for assisting in proofing and editing.
  • November 26, 2007: I've added a map showing the destinations of sets that have been delivered or are nearing completion.

    November 3, 2007: New soundfiles of a recently completed C# set have been uploaded to the soundfiles section.

    July 31, 2007: New pitches: Sound samples are now available for C and B flat (sorry, chanter only), in the soundfiles area.

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    June 1, 2007: If no place is currently available when your query is received, I would be happy to keep your contact details and inform you should a place become available.

    March 1, 2007: Goodbye, day job! Pipemaking is now my fulltime pursuit. I've also update the C# ebony set pictures in the gallery.

    Available Configurations

    I currently offer half sets (bag, bellows, chanter, drones), 3/4 sets (as above with two regulators), and full sets (with three regulators).  I also offer individual chanters and 'practice sets' (bag, bellows, chanter) by special request.


    I offer instruments in both concert pitch (wide or medium bore) and narrow bore instruments in flat keys. Narrow bore instruments pitched in D, based on originals by Robert Reid or Coyne, are under development, please enquire. more info...

    Please note that the narrow bore instruments are closely based on original, historic examples. As such, the pitch specified for these instruments is "nominal", and the actual pitch of the instrument may vary from the modern equivalent pitch by several cents.  My 'concert pitch' D instruments are intended to play at modern concert pitch.

    Reproduction Instruments

    While my "standard" model in many pitches may be slightly adapted to suit modern fingering techniques, or may be a composite of several historic instruments in order to optimize performance, I can also make reproductions of specific historic instruments on request, provided sufficiently detailed information about the original instrument and/or access to the original instrument is available.

    This applies to decorative aspects of instruments as well, although in some cases substitutions for original materials may be inevitable (for instance, where the original instrument was fitted with elephant ivory mounts, other materials must be substituted.) Reproduction instruments may be somewhat more expensive than my standard models, since the authentic fabrication methods are sometimes labor intensive, and due to the additional time and effort expended in matching the decorative features of the original.

    A 'perfect' replica of any historic instrument is, in my view, impossible. Some of my standard models are, in fact, very closely based on a single historic instrument, and there is a continuum of adaptation along which my instruments fall. If you are inclined towards close reproductions, please ask for a quotation.


    I enjoy doing conservative, responsible restoration work.  Please enquire for more information.

    Philosophy - (coming soon)